Bujo: Drifting away from my Leucchtturm…

Bujo: Drifting away from my Leucchtturm…
Bullet Journal
Bullet Journal
Bujo Bullet Journal
Bujo Bullet Journal
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Bujo supplies








My new Bullet Journal came in the mail FINALLY! After being delayed for days because of the snowstorm that hit the Northeast. After a year of bullet journaling I have decided to mix it up a little bit. There will always be a place in my heart for my Leuchtturm 1917, which I had been told over and over was THE STANDARD for bujo’ers everywhere but now, my allegiances might be changing. Enter the Rhodia notepad. Now first of all, because I’m so extra I made an honest to god pro’s and con’s list of all the top dot grid notebooks on Amazon. I gotta have my dot grid! For an artist I’m a little ashamed to say that I cannot, for the life of me, draw a straight line. The Rhodia just had so many positive reviews and attributes so I jumped. It does not have as many pages as the Leucchtturm (192 vs. 249 Pages) but I have yet to use every page anyway. (FYI: Pages are different from sheets. Sheets are the number of actual pieces of papers and Pages are double that for the number of writing surfaces.) The weight of the paper in the Rhodia is 90 GSM vs. Leucchtturm’s 80 GSM. This was a big deal. Nothing is more frustrating than designing a beautiful layout for hours, and to turn back and see it bled through and completely ruined the layout before it, amiright?? The Rhodia is holding up to my fountain pen splendidly. I worried at first because on the back of my trial page I could see slight ghosting, but once I began writing on both sides of the paper, it was unnoticeable. The paper quality is much nicer too. I find myself caressing the pages because they are so silky smooth and allow my pens and markers to simply glide over the surface. I do wish they had more color choice than just Solid Black and Solid Orange, but perhaps with time. Some things to note: The Rhodia does not have an index page, you have to make it yourself. It also does not have any of the Bullet Journaling instruction pages. It dives write in (see what I did there?? 😉 ) to the dot grid and stays there until the end. There are also no page numbers. That is perhaps the only downside. As someone who separates her book into separate sections for home and work, I am not looking forward to counting and numbering a hundred pages so I can index correctly. There is only one bookmark as well. I’m thinking of glueing another ribbon to it, one bookmark for my calendar and one for whatever collection page I’m currently working on.

To sum up:

Leucchtturm: Pro’s: Has more pages; has an Index, has Page Numbers, had 2 bookmarks

Con’s: Thinner paper, Some ghosting, lower paper quality

Rhodia: Pro’s: Thicker paper, No ghosting, slimmer feel, Pens write very smoothly on surface

Con’s: No Index, No Page numbers, only 1 bookmark

Since better paper was my main goal, I’m pretty stoked about the Rhodia. So far, I’m in love!



My Favorite Accessories

My double sided Tombow brush markers. I bought a set, but in an effort to scale down the ridiculous amount of Bujo-ing supplies I carry with me at all times, I have decided on just blue and green for my color scheme this time.

My Pilot fountain pen. I LOVE how you can buy colored refills or black, (and the refills are SO CHEAP!!). It feels so swanky writing with a fountain pen and made travel journaling a dream .

The Workhorses

Faber Castell PITT artist pen in size Fine. The perfect pen for outlining stencils, and creating slightly thicker, darker lines. Fair warning: They are a little on the expensive side.

Uni-Ball roller pens. Yup, a uni-ball. I love them. They are cheap, write a smooth line, and are versatile enough to go from writing to pen drawings. The line is nice and thin enough to write and decorate small spaces.

I also carry with me a Bic Wite-Out roll because I’m me and need it 5 times a day.


I am always  on the lookout for new materials to play with. What bujo-ing supplies are you trying out? What do you LOVE?

Ps- There are only my opinions. You may have a difference experience with these supplies. I only endorse products I’ve used and LOVE. I receive no compensation from any company.


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  • I love Rhodia too, I got one of the dot pads for about £5 off Amazon not so long ago. The dots are so faint they don’t interfere, but bold enough to act as a guide!

    • You’re right! One of the books I was looking at had a review that the dots were pitch black and I knew that wouldn’t work. They should just fade into the background.

    • Thanks! I’ve simplified mine a great deal over the past year because even as an artist, I just do not have the time to sit and make these incredibly complex and decorative spreads. I’ll post some pages soon!

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